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The one and only.


there's nothing wrong with my name.
If you think you know me, read my blog and think again.

28th April 1990






Thursday, October 25, 2012@2:43:00 PM

If you don't intend to reply after texting, then please don't contact me at all.
Don't disrupt my life ever again if you're not planning to stay.
I'll be grateful to you. Really.

I'm almost there.
Don't make my efforts go to waste.

Sunday, October 21, 2012@10:13:00 PM

Hey, you're not supposed to pin any hope. Remember?
Please continue moving on, you're doing good. Don't keep stopping.
There's no one there to hold you back. Bear that in mind

For once I thought you were my Mr Right.
Go ahead and laugh, you've won

Thursday, October 18, 2012@1:11:00 AM

Have been pondering if i've gotten over you.
well, it's a yes-no answer i guessed.
Yes simply because i'm used to the days without you already. Living perfectly fine alone.
And no because i can still feel the little aching in me. Especially when there's something that has got to do with you.
So it's kind of in between right now.
Hopefully i'm able to cross over to the 'yes' soon.

Anyway yesterday after ice, we were asked to go CHIMJES.
A place where we once went together before. Though it wasn't just us, but it was both our first time there.
But now, it also turned out to be the last time that we'll be there together again.
Do you know that i actually felt happy and honoured when i was able to experience any of your first time with you? Just that i didn't express it out and acted like nothing in the past.
I was holding back my tears the whole time when i was there.
Probably because alcohol tends to make people more emotional and that explained why i got so affected.
Wondering how will you feel if you happen to go there in future

Confession: Everytime my phone rings, I still have the little hope to see your name appearing again.
Yes I know this is silly.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012@12:20:00 AM
Down-riding rollar coaster

After so many tries of different passwords, finally I managed to log in.
Looking back at my very first post and it seems like i'm back to year 2005.
Exactly the same situation, just broke up.
The only difference is, I can say that I'm handling quite well.
I'm not crying as often anymore.
And now I'm trying hard to kick away the habit of missing you every single day.

I'm done with holding you back.
I took the courage to let you know how much i wanted you back even though you aren't keeping your promises.
I almost lost myself when i was saying all these, it wasn't me at all.
But all I got in return was "don't wait for my answer"
How appreciative can that be my dear, you made me speechless.
All I can say is I've tried my best already.

So, take it or leave it.
Thanks for pushing me even further away from you this time. You just made it easier for me to let go.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010@12:22:00 AM

had a great time chilling at tcc with laopo and jing
the wonderful names that we had came out with "serpong" and "ponggoon"-.-

and finally, i'm graduating SOON
FYPII presentation next wednesday

unexpected call. sigh

Monday, January 18, 2010@10:36:00 PM


Nine years of friendship and still counting..

we are a clique since secondary since secondary school
but we got closer this few years..
never failed to bitch, nonsense and laugh around whenever we got together
Mostly importantly, we helped and advised each other when we're feeling lost
Great to have you my dearest friend around all these while, really!

had celebration at rebel on Saturday
Hope "chanel tan" enjoyed the night and appreciate the present we've got for her=)
remember, LESS bitching LESS karma MORE boyfriends!


Monday, October 26, 2009@12:17:00 AM

alright! i'm here to blow off the dust=)
just TOO MUCH overdue photos to be uploaded, so i'm not gonna upload
it's all in facebook actually. HAHA
not much photos recently.
like so long never chill out TOGETHER already! tskkk..

ever looking forward to friday
cause it's officially my off day! hahahhaa..
monday is the most killing of brain cells day, ALL about maths and physics
who remember!

ok i'm not living in powerhouse day anymore! HEHE

Sunday, August 23, 2009@8:30:00 PM

finally blogger is back to normal!
powerhouse on last saturday
done with fyp presentation!!!
after that caught 3D UP
now, fyp down ftt down 2ut down
left with only 2 more uts!
both tests start at 830AM damnnnnnnnn early
after tomorrow and tueday
it'll spell V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N! woooohoooo~

Friday, August 07, 2009@11:54:00 AM

this is how exaggerating our reaction can be upon knowing something! haha

i think we're cute. LOL
we can go all the way to changi airport and s'pore flyer there just for POPEYES!
finally the semester is ending. yes!

15th august 2009 and chalet!
i'm super looking forward to it=)

Saturday, August 01, 2009@2:00:00 PM

on tueday

explore the history of the nonya

little outfits of baby nonya in the past

CHANGI AIRPORT jasmin will kill me for sure if she sees this photo! LOL



counting down to party-time!